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June 11, 2012

Janine Anderton was recommended to me by my real estate agent. I was moving from a large traditional house into a smaller, modern loft in the downtown core of Toronto. In addition to requiring design and decoration advice, I needed help with the sourcing of itmes as well as contractors, and dealing with the disposal of furntiure at my house.
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The work of Janine Anderton

"Thank you so much for your expertise on my listing. The clients were extremely happy as was I! I am happy to report that the home sold in one day over asking price!
Anna Oliver, Beaches Real Estate with Remax Hallmark"

"Hi Janine –
I had an offer that I accepted and it all worked out perfectly.
I have to say, I love how you have staged the place. I am going to recreate your design as much as I can in my new place in London.
Karin, Homeowner"
"The first day it went on the market we had around 35 showings. The house sold that evening at full list price. Next day we had a call from a producer for "Property Virgins" who wanted to use the house as one of the homes on their show - too late!
Without the staging and your professional advice the home would not have gotten as much activity as we did. The staging brightened it up and put the finishing touches on it so that the homeowners fell in love with it all over again as did all the people who saw it!" Nancy Kim, Royal Lepage Estate Realty.
My wife and I recently renovated our house in Riverdale (and are still putting the finishing touches on it).

We worked with Janine Anderton right from the start to help us with the layout of the house and then as we worked through the various stages of the renovation continued our consultation to help us through all the steps.

We cannot say enough about Janine's skill with design, layout and choices of finishes, colours and materials.

Janine guided us in picking out:
  • The type of flooring we put in (oak hardwood throughout) and the colour of the flooring
  • Tiles (size and colour) throughout the house (bathrooms)
  • Wall colours (I believe we have 14 colours throughout the house)
  • Kitchen cabinet material and stains
  • Appliances in the kitchen
  • Granite countertop
  • Light fixtures throughout
  • Window coverings – style and colours
  • Furnishings on our main floor in living areas
  • Floor coverings in our living areas
Without her support, direction and linkage to sources we would have really struggled to pull it all together as quickly and as well as we did. In fact – when I say we – I mean Janine - she listened very well to what we wanted to accomplish and made suggestions and recommendations beyond the level we would have been comfortable with but that were perfectly in keeping with what we hoped the house would turn out to be. We feel it is a reflection of us and not an imposition of Janine's style.

We feel the house is a reflection of what we wanted and how we want to live and without Janine's assistance and guidance it would not have come to pass.

We are very pleased with how our home has turned out and owe Janine a huge thankyou for that. Visitors are always impressed by both the different elements and how everything fits together. They comment on the sense of peace that all the different elements lend to the house and how beautiful it is.

Janine did a wonderful job for us. We would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Geoff and Pearl

February 2009

I first worked with Janine for the staging of my home I was selling. I was impressed with the fact that by going through the house once, Janine was able to assess all my needs for the staging and picked furnishings and accessories that perfectly complemented my home. In particular, I was impressed with the use of color for paint choices and accessorizing which made an amazing difference in the appearance and feel of my home.

When moving into my new condo, I asked Janine for assistance in getting my place decorated. Based on my staging experience, I knew it would be an effortless and rewarding experience, and it was. Janine has excellent sources and was able to supply beautiful quality furnishings and decor items such as dramatic floor to ceiling drapes, refinished and upholstered furniture, beautiful silver leaf faux-finish on the fireplace wall and a spectacular new railing and carpeting for my staircase.

My involvement was minimal, which was a blessing for me from a time and effort perspective. I like the fact that in deciding on materials, such as upholstery fabric, Janine would present me with a workable range of samples and ones that were all to my taste. This, of course, is a result of Janine understanding my personal tastes which is the cornerstone of a successful relationship with one's interior designer!

I would not hesitate to recommend Janine to anyone looking for the best service and results in interior design.

Fiona Campbell
Director, Commodity Tax I Hudson's Bay Company

"Hi Janine,

I just wanted to let you know that I sold my place last week. I got a good price for it, more than I expected, thanks in large part to you and your wonderful advice. Everyone who saw it said it looked wonderful, and I told everyone why it was in such good shape. I'd be happy to write a recommendation for you if you ever want one, and I will give your name to anyone looking for the same kind of service if you'd like.

You'll also be the first person I call when I get a new place to get it decorated right....the first time!

thanks again, Janet "

"Thank you so much Janine - I very much appreciated your work ethic and your fairness - and your product of course.
I am sure to see you on the next one.
Thanks Jurij"

"I recently listed a beautiful home and wanted to assist the Sellers in getting it ready for sale. Even in a lovely home, there are always things that need to be done to ensure that the home "shows" it's absolute best. I called Janine Anderton to ask her for her professional opinion, and the results were fabulous. She came to the home and prepared a detailed "to-do" list for my clients, and even brought a few items to the home that she felt would accentuate it's natural charm. Janine was professional and organized, and helped create just enough change to make the home shine, without making it feel foreign to the owners. In the end, the home looked warm, welcoming, bright and spacious.

I loved that it remained a "real" home as opposed to being over-staged. The results have spoken for themselvesĀ… we received an offer on the home the first day on the market. Thank you JanineĀ… I will definitely call you again!"

Cera Dann,
Sales Representative,
Prudential Properties Plus

"As a realtor, I'm acutely aware of the difference a person like Janine can make to the successful sale of a home. There's no doubt that it's a wise investment for the vendor. The role of stager has become increasingly important in today's real estate market." Craig Harding, Realtor, Prudential Properties Plus

"I would definitely hire Janine's services again. My listing had lots of showings but no offers. We hired Janine and within 24 hours, we sold for full price! She handled all the details and the sellers were delighted. Thanks Janine!"
Alan J. Coulter,
Associate Broker,
Prudential Properties Plus

"Janine Anderton of Urban Oasis has been invaluable in helping us with our family's move into a new home. She handled everything from colour palettes to the hanging of artwork in the right places. Several people have since commented that the rooms feel comfortable and elegant and we know it is due to Janine having worked her magic.
Thank you so much!"
Pearl Lee,
Homeowner, Toronto

"I've known Janine for over nine years and have always admired her ability to create unique and amazing spaces in homes and on sets. Over the years, she's helped me with colour palettes, shown me the best way to arrange furniture and where to find that 'special piece' to finish off a room. I would highly recommend her services."
Ana Harcourt, Realtor,
Prudential Properties Plus